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Success on the golf course is a combination of factors, that come together to produce great golf. These include state of mind, sound technique and good equipment.

Golf clubs help you flight the golf ball. Good equipment helps you hit the golf ball further and straighter with less effort rather than only elevating the golf ball. This is normally down to a good quality steel of graphite shaft. The head design is important but the shaft is the engine. Good equipment helps you hit the golf ball high or low. Think of it this way.

If you swing the driver at a 100 mph and hit the golf ball out of the toe of the club it will travel around 217 yards. If have the same swing speed and hit the golf ball out the sweet spot it will travel 237 yards.

These distances are all carry no run. What a difference 20 yards would make to any pupils game.

Grip size can help the player release the club better and correct shaft length would assist the tall player with their posture.

I offer the service with all major retail brands and the lowest price for a custom fitted set of irons starts from £249.99 and this increases dependent on brand and shaft.

If you would like to book a custom fit or discuss your requirements please email me

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